Ebb and Flow

This week has consisted of many little things. Little joys, like visiting our soon-to-be new city, Los Angeles, spending time with my dear brother, and exploring, dreaming, and planning with Jack. Little frustrations, like touring countless apartments without finding one that fits us, navigating LA traffic, and organizing the start of moving logistics. And a little crisis, which involved Jack coming down suddenly with a fierce and concerning virus which landed us in the ER for a few hours. Luckily, or rather blessedly, he recovered just as quickly.

All the little things take up mental and material space. In the midst of chaos, to feed oneself, for instance, requires a great concentration of effort. In and amongst so many tasks, the things that matter most, like spending time with loved ones, eclipses the other big Important things, like contemplation, rest, and other ways of paying attention.

The world keeps turning; brutality and injustice continue. And yet the small things that make up our lives ebb and flow. We are human, which means we are enmeshed in details and in the magnitude of human suffering, all the time. Even in the troubled, busy, full weeks – in which we are fatigued – we must make a little room to see with clear eyes, knowing that clarity will beget compassion, the very kind of remembering that the world so desperately needs.

So while sipping preventative electrolyte powder and two hours away from boarding the red eye, I offer this important news article. Though the world is noisy, this sort of truth cuts through the clutter.