This Weekend

The United States is a country with a deeply complicated history. It is a country in which people’s bodies and rights have been consistently and selectively violated, in which the land has been desecrated after being stolen. It is a country borne of hope, but also of violence. And in order to heal, together, we must collectively take responsibility for this country’s pattern of brutality, not only its promise.

This week, as we waded through days worth of heartbreaking news, we turned our eyes, also, to the first set of Democratic debates for the 2020 election. The debates were a mess at times, and they were inspiring during others. Mostly, it was representative of this period of inversion we occupy together now, when so many of pernicious forms of suffering have been confounded. This weekend, I suggest a different sort of pause, one that accompanies this work of paying attention: remembering.

Here is what I am reading (and listening to) this weekend:

This week’s episode “The Treaty,” is particularly helpful in mapping the brutal treatment of Native Americans and the long, complex, devastating aftermath.

Isabel Wilkerson’s The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migrationa text that has been on my reading list for over a year that I cannot wait to begin.

Charles Blow’s discussion of the concentration camps at the border. Follow Together Rising for updates on the crisis of family separation and their efforts to aggregate support for highly effective grassroots organizations.

And lastly, I recently began listening to Nora McInerny’s podcast “Terrible, Thanks for Asking,” a charming and raw series on some of the most difficult parts of being a human being.

May you have a peaceful weekend.